Jesse Cunningham L.Ac. is committed to helping you find your strength and balance.

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"Jesse is so polite. Knowledgeable  about the products and a calm  energy."     - 10/27/15

"#thankful"     - 9/18/15

"Old customer here.. so the place still  looks  great after new ownership :)"     - 9/8/15

"Jesse and Erin, you are awesome!  Thank you for being there with your  knowledge, support and products that you offer. It is a joy and a no-  brainer to support a small business  such as yours and I have referred  several clients to you already and  you will always be my go-to referral  whenever I meet or have a  conversation about massage supplies  with any massage therapists I know  looking for supplies. Thank you for  doing what you do!!"     - 11/19/15


"Jesse you're awesome! I look forward  to  being a valued & loyal customer  of  yours!"     - 9/16/15

"Total experience excellent. Thanks!"      - 11/11/15

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"Thank you for the % off... you snuck  that right in there :) "     - 11/14/15

"Jesse is way cool & Erin has gifted   hands!"     - 10/22/15

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"Glad there is a local place where you   can still go and purchase massage    products and feel like you're    talking with a friend." - 11/14/15

"Jesse did a great job of gathering  pertinent information and then  explaining the process thoroughly!  Definitely going back!"     -2/11/16

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"Jesse is always such a pleasant store  owner to do business with. He is very  personable and knowledgeable about  the products he carries. We wish  everyone on earth would have his  disposition. Thank you."   - 12/14/15

"Ordered by phone."     - 10/13/15

"The best greeter ever was your dog, he  is way cool ;) Thanks."     - 10/3/15

Bodywork Source

"Thanks for your help!"     - 1/5/16

"Always an experience filled with  light  and love"     - 9/10/15

"I went in for frozen shoulder. Jesse  was very thorough. I plan to  continue treatment with him."

"Personalized order went perfectly!"     - 11/3/15

"Friendly, open vibe. Love the  'mascot.'Great selection. " 12/12/15

"Always a great resource for massage   supplies and info. I appreciate  having a  store to go to, it is my  first choice over  internet shopping.  thank you!! " - 9/11/15

"Always a pleasure doing business  with Jesse. He's very friendly,  personable, and helpful when it  comes to products."    - 9/17/15

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"Excellent service!"     - 10/2/15


"Nice guy!"     - 11/15/15

"The best experience! Highly  recommended! The attention to  detail is amazing. Thank you so  much."     -2/4/16

"Always friendly with a lot of good  information."     - 12/7/15

"Thank you! Every time I visit the  store I always get what I need and  have friendly help to follow."  -11/14/15

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"Always cheerful and helpful" 10/1/15

"Jesse is friendly and informative.  Face cradle with velcro is  wonderful."     - 12/11/15

"Thanks for being there for us  bodyworkers. Know we are lucky to  have you."     - 10/22/15


"Professional and excellent customer  service. Love this place!"    - 9/25/15

"My mother had an injury a year ago that left her pretty disabled with back  pain. She saw every doctor imaginable and received multiple treatments. She  also saw an acupuncturist and a Chiropractor. She had the most relief from  the chiropractor, but improvement was very slow. I took her to see Jesse and  he scheduled her in right away. He did a very thorough intake and followed that with a treatment that he thought was best for her. He did some deep tissue  massage, acupuncture and cupping.... I was amazed at the results. My mother  was crying after the visit because she felt better and had not had this kind of  relief from any prior treatment. I work in the healthcare field and was very  frustrated at the little progress she was making with all those expensive and  time consuming visits and treatments. I plan on referring many patients  and friends to this very caring and talented therapist. He truly cares about  his clients and has the expertise to help them improve."  


"Jesse was very personable and  helpful. What an experience!" 9/28/15